Flexible Adaptive Zone™

ASKO’s flexible Adaptive Zone™ provides the ability to bridge two cooking zones together to create one large cooking zone, allowing you to optimise your cooking space. Our Adaptive Zone™ provides the ideal amount of space for large pots and pans, making your cooking options endless.

Pan detection

If a pan isn’t detected once a power level has been set, the display will flash and the cooking area remains cold. If no pan is placed on the hob within one minute, the cooking zone will switch off automatically.

Timer programmes

Ever tried to keep track of cooking times for several dishes at once? Your ASKO induction cooktop keeps track of cooking time, reminds you when food is ready and pause timing if you temporarily remove the pot or pan.

Simply clean surface

Since the induction hob is only heated underneath the pan and temperature adjustments are effective immediately, the danger of boiling or spilling over is minimal. Our induction hobs also withstand spills and are super easy to clean since the food does not stick to the surface. Just wipe it away.

Auto programmes

The six Auto programmes help you to keep the right temperature when boiling, frying, simmering, grilling, stir-frying and keeping food warm.


With the Easydial ™ function you´ll find an extremely fast way of controlling your hob. Sliding your finger clockwise increases the power level, anti-clockwise reduces it. Intuitive, good looking and smart - it´s an ASKO hob.